Multiband Active Antenna Tuner for Cellular IoT Applications

With the release of each new generation of wireless technology since the introduction of the portable phone in the early 1980s, mobile communications have progressed exponentially. Each generation has launched new services and business opportunities, leading up to what is being referred to as the “third wave” of communications. The evolution made possible through 5G and future 6G technology will support even more new services for industry and society, well into the 2030s and beyond.5G will be the first generation of mobile communications to utilize millimeter-wave (mm Wave) band frequencies, supporting bandwidths of several hundred megahertz (MHz), which will actualize ultra-high-speed wireless data communications of many gigabits per second.

This white paper discusses related design challenges and solutions for developing a multi-band active antenna tuner for cellular internet of things (IoT) massive machine-type communications (mMTC) applications.

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