6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier

6G is facing a formidable challenge to be significantly greater than evolved 5G, serving 7 billion citizens in all locations around the world as well as 500 billion devices and things [1]. To do this will require new spectrum from sub-1 GHz to sub-THz, in addition to the continued reuse of existing spectrum in the low, mid and high bands. Global cooperation will also be required to develop and realize the spectrum vision.
With the commencement of 5G commercialization, administrations, regional research projects, industry, academia, etc. are now embarking on their research for 6G. This research is targeting 6G to be born with initial deployments around the year 2030.
Samsung Research has published the 6G vision white paper entitled “6G, The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All.” [2], where they presented their vision that 6G will provide an ultimate experience for all through hyper-connectivity involving humans and everything. As a follow-up of the vision white paper, this white paper explores how to enable 6G to be realized around 2030 from a spectrum’s perspective.

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