Extending your Reach with High Power Microwave from DragonWave-X

Point-to-point  microwave  solutions  continue  to  play  a  critical  role  in  providing  backhaul  for  mobile  networks globally,  and  this  trend  is  not  expected  to  change  with  the  continuing  rollout  of  larger  and  more  advanced networks. The need to quickly and easily deploy reliable, economical, high-capacity transport presents a strong business  case  for  microwave.  This  is  not  only  applicable  for  mobile  backhaul  networks,  but  for  many  other segments, including private and enterprise networks, public safety and critical communications, as well as rural broadband connectivity initiatives.  Microwave  has  been  used  for  over  half  a  century,  and  the  technology  has  enjoyed  significant  advancements over many generations, most of which center around migrating to all-IP, delivering more capacity, and providing longer  reach  and  better  performance.  Additionally,  building  more  intelligence  into  the  equipment  itself  through integrated  switching,  advanced  Ethernet  features,  and  SDN-readiness  allows  the  equipment  to  take  on  more roles in today’s complex networks and deliver more product value.

DragonWave-X’s flagship high-capacity product, the dual-carrier Harmony EnhancedMC, has been ticking all of those boxes, providing industry-leading capacity and system gain, with a strong feature set of advanced RF and Ethernet capabilities. With the new High Power Harmony EnhancedMC, DragonWave-X has taken reach to a new level using GaN technology to offer an all-outdoor radio that delivers 18 GHz at an unparalleled 34 dBm transmit power.

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