Emerging Trends in Wireless Infrastructure

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  • Author: Dr. Nishith Tripathi and Dr. Jeffrey Reed

5G, the fifth-generation cellular technology, is being deployed around the world. 5G is a transformational technology designed to provide significant flexibility and support a variety of use cases. This paper describes the emerging infrastructure trends of wireless networks for 4G, 5G, and beyond 5G.These trends provide even more opportunities to service providers for network deployments, network customization, and network optimization. These key trends include (i) spectrum trends, (ii) densification & coverage extension methods, (iii) virtualization and cloudification, and (iv) network customization and intelligence.In emerging spectrum trends, higher integration of sub-6 GHz/sub-7 GHz frequencies and millimeter-wave frequencies, increased availability of unlicensed spectrum, and spectrum sharing opportunities are discussed.

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