Real-Time & Continuous Competitive Intelligence: How Mobile Operators Can Monitor Competitive Networks in Real-Time

The RF spectrum provides tremendous value to society. As a critical and scarce public resource, the wireless spectrum impacts the way we live, work, and communicate.With the widespread availability of connected devices and new network deployments using 5G wireless and other modern signal standards, mobile system operators (MSOs) increasingly require competitive intelligence and insights into the broader spectrum environment.While operators have always had access to their own network data, it has traditionally been difficult and expensive to collect and analyze data on competitive infrastructure or new network deployments. Drive tests and crowdsourced data can provide some limited visibility, but they fail to provide the level of insights needed when assessing spectrum strategies and maintaining an advantage in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive space.

This article will highlight the challenges of obtaining competitive intelligence and spectrum insights using traditional methods before introducing and explaining the advantages of networked RF spectrum monitoring.

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