Exploring 3.5 GHz: A Band Ripe for Revolution

In the unrelenting cycle of breakneck change, accelerated by the proliferation of the Internet, mobile operators find themselves in an unprecedented situation - supporting the demand for progressive  enhancement of network performance while, in parallel, sustaining an erosion of revenue from traditional sources. To this conundrum, the telecom industry has looked to 5G, extolling the virtues of a next-generation mobile network, whose purpose extends beyond connecting the smartphone, and touches every physical object around us, whether that is automating the driving experience or inspiring the next industrial revolution. But, the process of converting 5G from something that is merely spoken about within the telecom industry to a transformational wireless technology is  complex, and it requires an understanding of the underlying advancements which will propel the technology forward.

This whitepaper will examine the criticality of mid-band spectrum in the 5G roadmap, with a particular focus on the 3.5 GHz frequency band, a pioneering medium for sub-6GHz 5G NR. In parallel, there will be an exploration of Alpha Wireless’s market-leading 3.5 GHz antenna solutions.

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