Mini antenna for Wi-Fi 6E

The ONE mXTENDTM, a multi-band miniature antenna booster, is capable of easy adaption to just about any kind of device. Featuring an extremely small package that requires only a nominal space, the ONE mXTENDTM is a versatile product capable of operating in all the Wi-Fi 6E frequency bands through the same single antenna package.The ONE mXTENDTM antenna booster belongs to a new generation of antenna solutions based upon our Virtual Antenna ® technology. This technology replaces conventional and custom antenna solutions with a new class of antenna boosters, delivered in the form of a new range of miniature and off-the-shelf chip antenna components. These new chip antennas are multiband and multipurpose. They fit in a variety of wireless platforms to provide a wireless link at plenty of different communication services. By using a Virtual Antenna ® component the design becomes more predictable compared to a custom solution, making the whole process faster,cost effective and easier.

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