A High-Efficiency, Small-Size GaN Doherty Amplifier for LTE Micro-Cell and Active Antenna System Applications

In this paper a high-efficiency, small-size GaN Doherty amplifier for LTE micro-cell base station and active antenna systems base station application is presented. It is implemented with a TriQuint Semiconductor wideband discrete GaN RF power transistor, the T1G6001528-Q3. Doherty amplifier performance is in the LTE standard frequency range 2.62 GHz to 2.69 GHz; average output power=38.5dBm; the peak saturated output power is >46dBm; drain efficiency is >55%; 8 gain is >15dB; 2 carrier 2x10 MHz; 8dB PAR LTE signal waveform with Netlogic standard DPD; ACPR is better than -50dBc; Doherty amplifier size 30mm x 70mm.

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