Eliminating Fixture Effects from Embedded Measurements

It is often necessary to measure a Device Under Test (DUT), which is mounted on a fixture attached to a printed circuit board. A vector network analyzer (VNA) is easily calibrated to the ends of a pair of test cables and may then be attached to the fixture containing the DUT. However, this measurement will include the reflections and phase delays of the connectors and traces on the circuit board and is not an accurate measurement of the DUT alone.The phase errors due to the delay of the connecting lengths in the fixture may be corrected using Port Extension. After performing standard calibration on the test cables, the delays can be entered in the Port 1 and Port 2 Extension fields in the VNA menu. If the delays are unknown, a short circuit may be applied at the pins of the DUT and the extension values adjusted until the measured S11 and S22 phases are mostly centered at 180° on the Smith Chart.

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