720 hrs Salt spray Corrosion Resistance Plating for RF Connectors

HUBER+SUHNER AG and Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG are leading suppliers of RF and optical connectivity components including but not limited to connectors, cables and assemblies for telecommunications, space & defence and test & measurement applications. Since material plating is a crucial parameter in defining performance of a RF connector, both companies have state of the art plating facilities and R&D capacity for new plating development. In order to provide the customers with detailed information about different platings and their performance regarding RF connectors, HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger have worked very closely together to create this white paper which can be used as a reference while evaluating different plating options.

This white paper evaluates traditional state of the art platings as well a new proprietary plating, SURO720, developed in partnership by HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger. To find out the performance of a variety of platings on RF connectors the study in this white paper evaluates corrosion resistance under a 720 hrs salt mist test.

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