Smart IoT Applications and Environments: Key Antenna Considerations in Designing Your Smart Ecosystem

In a world of uncertainties, technology is the one constant that continues to move us forward. On one hand, it is the tissue that connects people around the globe; on the other, it is the science behind solving some of our planet’s most pressing concerns in the mission to create a safer, sustainable, more productive and connected future.Nowhere is this more evident than with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), the system of uniquely identified
interconnected devices that are enabled to transmit and share data over wireless networks. Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, the IoT is helping to create smart environments by linking these devices to everyday settings and tasks that help individuals, businesses and potentially whole societies, live in a smarter and more comfortable way. And it’s growing fast.Machine to machine (M2M) communications utilizing low-powered networks such as UWB, WLAN, Zigbee or Bluetooth to transmit data, have helped to drive IoT adoption. Even more so, it is the advent of LPWAN’s like NB-IoT, LTE Cat-M and 5G high efficiency transmission that has fueled IoT growth. While 3G and 4G networks facilitated wireless communications among people, 5G allows for the greater connection among “things” causing a paradigm shift that has directed a focus on developing sophisticated IoT solutions for a range of industrial and environmental concerns.This has set the stage for a wide-range of applications where meaningful change and efficiencies can be affected. IoT smart environments now can be as diverse as a farm that better manages its irrigation system and equipment maintenance, to a major city seeking to create more effective utility metering, street lighting, energy and other resource management, and predictive maintenance of its facilities and operations.

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