High Power Microwave Traveling Wave Antenna

This article discusses the design and implementation of a high power-microwave (HPM) traveling-wave antenna. The antenna is designed to be driven by a high-power, single-shot signal generator with 1 ns pulse-width at the -3 dB power points, and peak voltage of up to 100 kV. Since the signal generator is equipped with an air-filled coaxial-waveguide output, a coaxial-waveguide to parallel-plates transition was also designed and fabricated.

Initial theoretical electrical parameters and characteristics along with physical dimensions of the system were solved and derived using MATLAB. Then, the components comprising the antenna were modeled, solved and optimized using CST STUDIO SUITE®. Using the CAD export capabilities in CST STUDIO SUITE, fabrication models and schematics were produced from the simulation model. The antenna was fabricated and measured results agree with simulation results to a great extent.