Optimize Signal Quality In 5G Private Network Base Stations

Over the next decade, thousands of companies will likely deploy private cellular networks. Enterprises can harness the advantages of 5G private networks for businesses with support from the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards, and more. In order to provide comprehensive coverage of 5G new radio (NR) private network, 5G NR measurement applications running on a signal analyzer should be able to measure and interpret transmitter tests..Therefore,it is essential to select testing devices that can provide robust performance, and ensure that the base station transmitters in the network perform to standards.

To characterize and test millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) products’ true performance, designers and manufacturers need to address testing challenges that make the signal quality more susceptible to impairments. Error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement offers powerful insight into the performance of a digital communication base station transmitter and is one of the primary metrics to assess the quality of the transmitted signal.This white paper will discuss the EVM measurement as a key component of transmit signal quality in 5G private network base stations, the testing challenges that mm-Wave poses, and the Keysight solutions that address these challenges.

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