THz – To be or not to be in 6G?

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  • Author: Tomasz Waliwander

While the story is still being written for 5G as the networks are being deployed in many parts of the world, this fifth-generation communication technology is already conditioning the path for what follows- 6G. With 5G still to deliver on its promises, and mm-wave bands largely underutilized in comparison with the Sub-7GHz range, the research community is already investigating the next generation of communication technology. The 6G specifications are expected to be developed and released around 2026-2027 and at the moment it is challenging to provide a clear and concise vision for 6G. It will inevitably continue the expansion into higher frequencies, with a 100 – 300 GHz range being considered as the first opportunity window where a number of services for radio astronomy, satellite earth exploration, mobile satellite and inter-satellite.

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