Satellite Based LoRa Unlocks Europe-wide IoT

Massive IoT has immense potential for delivering a wide range of significant benefits to companies across many industries. Providing access to critical operational data, it can improve profitability and cost-efficiency, open new business opportunities, improve safety and offer greater sustainability. However, unlocking its full potential means accessing data from thousands of assets, many of which may be mobile or located in remote areas where terrestrial networks are limited.

This whitepaper explores how the powerful combination of satellite with the low-cost terrestrial connectivity offered by LoRa® provides a solution to these challenges, enabling industries, including utilities, rail, transportation, logistics, agriculture, oil & gas, and maritime, to access the significant benefits of massive IoT. The whitepaper also reveals how Echo Mobile have leveraged thier powerful GEO satellite and licensed S-band spectrum to connect to IoT devices via LoRa® and deliver greater reliability, range and flexibility, higher performance, and lower power consumption, enabling companies to obtain maximum benefits from massive IoT technology.

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