Understanding 5G Specifications and How to Avoid Costly Module Selection Mistake

5G is here, opening new opportunities for the Internet of Things (IoT). The potential market is sizeable and consequential, with plenty of room for established companies and new entrants to build products, integrate solutions and create apps based on the technology.The technology’s complexity and versatility pose design challenges for device ­side OEMs While these OEMs must understand the complexities, they should not let this deter them from pursuing 5G projects. Enabling technologies like cellular has always been complex and is likely to become more challenging as we go forward into 5G’s maturity and beyond.

This paper’s purpose is to build awareness of the complexities and provide guidance manufacturers can use to ensure their designs and selected modules will serve their intended products and business objectives. The paper summarizes 5G technologies’ critical features, new possibilities with the expanded use of spectrum, main components of new advanced antenna systems and end ­to­ end communications considerations for product designs.

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