5G Evolution: On The Path to 6G

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  • Author: Dr. Nishith D. Tripathi & Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed

5G deployments have only recently started, and releases beyond R15 will continue to tap into the tremendous potential of 5G. However, as a new generation of cellular technology typically appears every 8-10 years, 6G can be expected around 2030. Example 5G performance requirements are 20 Gbps peak data rate, 1 ms radio network latency, 10 Mbps/m2 area throughput and 1 million (low-rate) IoT devices per square kilometer. 6G could offer high-fidelity holograms, multisensory communications (e.g. touch, taste and/or smell), terahertz (THz) communications and pervasive artificial intelligence (AI).In this white paper from Rohde & Schwarz, explore the evolution from 5G to 6G from a service, air interface and network perspective.

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