Radiation Hardened Load Switches Simplify Redundancy and Increase Reliability in Space Grade Power Systems

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  • Author: Allan Robinson & Oscar Mansilla

In space applications there is always a need to prevent against single-point of failures. Elimination of single point of failures is even more critical in power distribution systems where propagation of a failure could lead to loss of functionality, or even worse, complete destruction of the payload or satellite bus.Current satellite power architectures use an external MOSFET or diode to add redundancy and increase the reliability of the power distribution unit; however, using these devices has some drawbacks such as additional complex gate drive circuitry, substantial increase in the size of the power distribution unit, and unnecessary power loss.

This white paper will introduce the new Renesas ISL7x061SEH (PMOS) and ISL7x062SEH (NMOS) radiation hardened load switch ICs, and discuss using the load switches with the ISL70001ASEH radiation hardened 6Asynchronous buck POL regulator ICs to implement POL system redundancy. A “Full Redundant Application” and a“Redundant Source Application” will be presented, and we will also discuss the paralleling of two load switches for applications requiring greater than 10A of current or when the IR voltage drop needs to be reduced.

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