Space Ready Microwave Cables: Into the Cosmos

Technological advancements have enabled modern spacecraft and satellites to exchange extremely large volumes of information at incredibly fast rates, making cabling a critical component of a space vehicle’s communications system.Not all microwave cable constructions are created equal and a “one cable fits all” approach simply doesn’t work for most space applications. 

The complexity of spaceflight demands a unique cabling solution tailored to specific mission conditions. Each type of orbit—GEO, LEO, MEO, SSO and GTO—as well as Lagrangian orbital positions and deep space missions all have unique environmental conditions to consider. Some of these are: the flexibility needed in flight and during installation or integration, the electrical performance (insertion loss, phase stability, shielding,multipaction, PIM), the environmental performance (radiation, mission duration), and weight. The goal is to select a cable that can meet these various operating conditions and contribute to lowering mission risk.

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