NXS Series Interconnect System

Space architectures are continuing to follow the trend of either daughter card to back plane or point to point system designs. The highest degree of flexibility is typically achieved using a point to-point approach as seen in frame slice and SpaceWire or SpaceFibre architectures. Space Fibre is a multi-Gbits/s, onboard network technology for spaceflight applications, which runs over electrical or fiber-optic cables. There is an ever-increasing demand for rugged, high speed (up to 50 Gbps) connections,with the combination of controlled impedance differential pair signals together with the ability to add customizable modules, all with solder-less board mounting.

The presentation will show what the next generation system looks like for daughter card to backplane and point to point system designs. It will explain how high data rate and high speed can be incorporated into one modular ultra-flexible system. The presentation will provide an answer to how extremely high EMI attenuation can be achieved in a modular interconnect system, while meeting rigorous shock and vibration performance levels.

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