Voltage Control and Voltage Reference for the ECOC-2522 OCXO

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  • Author: David Meaney

The ECOC-2522 series of oven-controlled crystal oscillators, or OCXOs, are designed to generate a very clean signal and stable clocking signal. The series has the capability to offer frequencies from 2 MHz to 100 MHz. ECS’ ECOC-2522 OCXOs feature an SC cut high Q crystal with an internal thermistor to maintain the quartz crystal and oscillator circuits at a constant temperature. This creates a stable environment and prevents the oscillator from experiencing frequency drift. 

OCXOs provide a highly stable, clean clocking source for telecommunications, cellular base stations, data communications, instrumentation, test and measurement equipment and more where tight frequency stability and signal quality is critical. Learn more about voltage control and voltage reference for the ECOC-2522 OCXO in our full tech guide.

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