Introduction To Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) In The Automotive Environment

Automakers have specific and stringent requirements when it comes to the test setups, power limits and frequency ranges for radiated and conducted emissions, and they must ensure the measurement techniques and pass/fail criteria meet their requirements. Too stringent of criteria could mean excessive costs to mitigate the noise, while criteria that are too lenient could mean unintentionally interfering with another electronic device resulting in EMI related problems.
Placing a large amount of electrical and electronic systems into a very confined space poses the problem of keeping the electromagnetic interference of these automotive systems from interfering with each other through radiated and conducted emissions. If not properly controlled, the resulting interference can cause the system to malfunction or even fail in some cases. The experienced connected automotive team at Molex brings a proven portfolio of automotive solutions, approaches and methods for controlling electromagnetic emissions and techniques to harden an electronic device to withstand electromagnetic interference.

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