IDC Shark Fin Connectors for RF Communications

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  • Author: Alex Guan

Modern cars, trucks, and other vehicles have communication and navigation equipment built into them, and all of that equipment requires RF antennas to enhance the signals. Shark fin antenna units offer an attractive, aerodynamic, and functional way to provide the necessary antennas to the vehicle systems. RF antenna systems use coaxial cables, and the most common method to connect those cables to the printed circuit board assembly in the shark fin antenna is manual soldering.

DC, or insulation displacement connector, technology provides a solution to common hand soldering problems. This technology can be applied to RF coaxial cables, promising the best design for long-term reliability across various environments and an excellent solution to replace hand soldering in the shark fin antenna unit. Utilizing IDC technology, KYOCERA AVX has developed a new RF connector for coaxial cables that address these problems.

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