Secure, Mission Critical Communications Require a New, Easy to Implement Approach

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  • Author: Barry Dowdy

Critical communications systems are prevalent in the aerospace and defense industry. Many are mission critical tactical voice and command and control links that save lives by providing situational awareness to warfighters in the field and by accurately commanding and controlling the destination of various airborne and ground-based platforms. Ease of use and integration;reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP); and reduced time-to-market (TTM) are essential design considerations to systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that require embedded security solutions for critical communications systems. 

Ease of use and integration is essential for nonsecurity experts to efficiently implement security features. Reduced SWaP is essential in operational environments to reduce the load carried by foot-mobile warfighters and to optimize the efficiency of military communications systems. Reduced TTM is essential for systems integrators and OEMs striving to meet urgent operational needs, generate revenue, and capture their share of the market. Some secure critical communications applications include military radio communications and unmanned system data and command and control links. An efficient approach to embedded security solutions can help systems integrators and OEMs meet secure critical communications challenges in these applications.

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