On the 5GAA Comparison Between LTE-V2X and DSRC/IEEE 802.11p

This paper challenges the assumptions, conclusions and selected measurement conditions of a 5GAA report titled “V2X Functional and Performance Test Report; Test Procedure and Results”. NXP’s position is that the paper’s performance comparison of LTE-V2X and DSRC/IEEE802.11p vehicle-to- vehicle communication is based on low-performing equipment and poor operating parameter choices. This paper demonstrates that when appropriate “apples to apples” comparisons are made, DSRC outperforms LTE-V2X by around 2 dB, rather than being 15dB inferior. The significance of this matter should not be taken lightly: the 5GAA report is a fundamental part of the organization’s aggressive efforts to claim spectrum in the 5.9GHz band, a spectrum that is now allocated to DSRC. As a result, its methodology should be held to a high standard.

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