System Advantages with Epoch Platform MEMS OCXOs

With the rapid growth of network infrastructure and the convergence of 5G and datacenters, the timing specifications for high-stability and low-latency solutions have become increasingly stringent. Traditional OCXOs face limitations in size and performance, posing challenges for engineers. However, the Epoch Platform™ MEMS OCXOs (SiT5801, SiT5802, SiT5811, SiT5812) address these barriers by combining MEMS technology and a unique thermal structure, offering unprecedented stability and accuracy in a compact 9.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 3.6 mm package. 

This paper highlights the advantages of the Epoch Platform over quartz OCXOs in various features. By leveraging the benefits of MEMS technology, this new generation of OCXOs offers optimized performance, making it an ideal choice for applications where power efficiency, system miniaturization, and resiliency is crucial.

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