LadyBug Technologies:Custom System Power Sensing Solutions

An RF power sensor is a device that is used to measure the power of an RF application. These applications range from: Avionics test systems, semiconductor test systems, telecom infrastructure, medical systems, Satellite communication systems, radar and 5G. It is typical for a system to measure power from a variety of complex waveform adaptive modulation techniques, such as OFDM, CDMA, QAM, etc. Too often, a system will incorporate an internal reference sensor that is used to establish an absolute power level as a means of verifying proper system operation. Understanding of RF power level at various points within a system will ensure safe and proper functionality of a test system. To enable customers with lightweight system requirements, LadyBug Technologies is able to build custom thermocouple-based RF sensors with better than 1% linearity less than .2% per readout movement per degree C.

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