AWR and Anritsu Integrate EDA Software with a New Vector Network Analyzer

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  • Author: Dr. Michael C. Heimlich
It almost goes without saying that simulation and measurement of microwave circuits are “joined at the hip,” since they not only complement each other but are essential to each other’s success. That said, it seems likely now that since most microwave instruments have Microsoft Windows as their operating system, high-frequency design tools would be integrated into vector network analyzers (VNAs), the defining microwave measurement tool. The basic benefits are obvious, and upon further inspection even greater benefits emerge. However, the two domains remained separate until January, when Anritsu and AWR announced that Anritsu’s new flagship VNA, the 70 kHz-to-70-GHz VectorStar MS4640A, includes a complete version of AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software integrated within its firmware.
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