Products Have More Than Just the High Frequency Circuitry

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  • Author: Gary Breed
First, this is a busy segment of the electronics industry, and there are certainly 12 things per year worth some type of comment (although I’m glad I don’t need to find more than that!). The technology we cover is my #1 interest. I’ve been doing electronics, mainly RF, for fun or as a career in one way or another since the age of nine. I still spend some of my personal time designing, building—or just exploring—antennas, receivers, power amplifiers, filters, and other RF circuits. I am keenly interested in what you are working on, and how you go about those tasks. As long as you allow me to muse about a wide variety of technical subjects, I’ll continue to find something to say. At High Frequency Electronics, our emphasis is on technology. If you want business analysis (or industry gossip) about the alleged importance of some merger or acquisition, a big contract, or battles over adoption of a particular standard, that’s usually the role of other magazines and their editors. However, I may have an opinion on these things from time to time when it has a major impact on the work of our readers.
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