Spectral Distortion in High Data Rate Remote Sensing Satellite Links

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  • Author: V. Sambasiva Rao and Surendra Pal
Remote Sensing satellites of today are being configured with state of the art imaging sensors to provide very high resolution imageries, demanding very high bit rate data transmission. The design of the system becomes more complicated with increasing data rates. With those increased data rates, spectrum usage and channel bandwidth has become more stringent to conserve spectrum and to assure optimum data transmission capability. A primary consideration for the design of satellite communication systems is efficient use of transmitted power and channel bandwidth, as space communication links are both power and bandwidth limited. This led to the search for a wide variety of techniques, such as new allocations at higher frequencies, frequency re-use, spectrally efficient modulation techniques and efficient source coding techniques for optimum onboard power usage. A final requirement is the study of the implications of implementing the new techniques.
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