Software Enhances the Design and Analysis of Tunable Circuits

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  • Author: Dale D. Henkes
Modern EDA software has evolved over the years to provide some very powerful tools for the design and simulation of almost any kind of RF and microwave circuit or system. One aspect of current EDA software that makes it so powerful is the speed at which it can perform calculations, rendering simulations and detailed analysis reports in record time. Another aspect of the power and utility of this kind of software lies in the richness of the tools, capabilities and features that the software provides. Software packages with expanded toolsets, multi-function modules and collections of programs oriented toward performing different but related phases of the workflow are referred to as software suites. These full-featured EDA software suites can be complex, making it difficult to find and use many of the less common features. Sometimes even relatively experienced users are not aware of all the features and capabilities contained in the software. This article will employ a microwave filter design example to highlight how less commonly used EDA tools and methods can, nevertheless, significantly enhance circuit analysis.
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