Some Comments in Praise of Industrial Applications

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  • Author: Gary Breed
Industrial RF power applications have been around for a long time. I learned about them while still in college, I got to know a local electronics technician whose job was maintaining the RF heating equipment used to cure glue at a piano factory. He also informed me that some of the wood they used was dried with RF heating rather than a conventional kiln. This personal introduction certainly raised my awareness of industrial RF. It is interesting to note that current engineered wood products such as plywood, particleboard and waferboard continue to use RF heating to quickly cure the glues and resins that bind the wood fibers together. The same basic technique is also used to enable the leading edge of solid-state technology—curing the adhesives that attach thin silicon wafers to a supporting substrate. The thinned wafers are required to improve performance, since silicon is not an optimum dielectric for high frequency/high speed integrated circuits.
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