A Satellite Telemetry Transmitting System with Pre-Modulation Filtering

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  • Author: D.V. Ramana, R. Jolie, V.S. Rao & S. Pal
The total allotted bandwidth available for space-toearth data transmission is 20 MHz in S-band, 375 MHz in X-band and 1500 MHz in Ka-band for Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Satellites. The band allotted to communication satellites for space to earth communication in GEO missions is C-band (3.7-4.2 GHz). In this band, a small portion is identified for telemetry (TM) data transmission to ground. There is a need to transmit 1 Mbps payload data from a geostationary satellite using a C-band carrier. The interference between the regular TM data and the proposed payload data is reduced by adopting a premodulation filtering technique. The side lobe levels of the proposed system are low and a reduction in interference is expected.
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