Web-Based Video Radar Systems Courses to Be Offered

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  • Author: By Dr. Robert O'Donnell and Tom Perkins
One of the most prominent technologies in the past 70 years has been radio detection and ranging (radar). It has helped win wars, guide land vehicles, ships and aircraft, and explore space. This technology led to numerous spin-off commercial technologies such as traffic law enforcement, microwave ovens, Homeland Security, and non-invasive medical technology. A recently developed set of Radar Systems lectures consisting of video, audio, screen-captured PowerPoint slides and separate PDF slides have been developed by Dr. Robert O’Donnell, IEEE Fellow. Currently students are e-mailing questions and having them answered in video recitations. Problem solutions are being developed. Testing, final exam and homework problems will be developed using Blackboard and Moodle. It represents the state-of-the-art in distance-learning capability.
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