Antenna Downtilt Angle Calculator

Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius Calculator is used to compute the inner & outer signal coverage diameter of any area by using the height of antenna, Downtilt angle and vertical beamwidth.
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Formula for Antenna Downtilt Angle Calculator

The above formula can be used to calculate the downtilt angle to align the base and the remote antennas for optimal signal strength.  After entering the heights of the base and remote antennas and the distance between them, the downtilt angle is calculated by finding out the inverse tangent function.


What is Antenna Downtilt Angle?

Antenna downtilt angle can be explained as the angle between the horizon of the antenna and the center of the beam after the antenna has been tilted downwards (vertically). This is done mainly to reduce the interference and to concentrate the signal waves in desired direction.

The downtilt angle is essential to calibrate the antenna and the controlling system to adjust the beam for optimal signal strength and coverage. However, excessive downtilt angle might lead to coverage problems and the receiver might pick up ground clutter and inaccuracies in receiving the signals.

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