Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator

Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator


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The Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculation Process


Step 1: Calculation of the Width (W) -

Step 2: Calculation of the Effective Dielectric Constant. This is based on the height, dielectric constant of the dielectric and the calculated width of the patch antenna.

Step 3: Calculation of the Effective length

Effective Length

Step 4: Calculation of the length extension ΔL

Delta L


Step 5: Calculation of actual length of the patch

Length of the Patch Antenna

Where the following parameters are used

f0 is the Resonance Frequency

W is the Width of the Patch

L is the Length of the Patch

h is the thickness

εr is the relative Permittivity of the dielectric substrate

c is the Speed of light: 3 x 108