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11 Dec, 2017 - everything RF Newsletter

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Date: 11 Dec, 2017
Upcoming Event: WAMICON 2018
Latest News this Week
Researchers Develop 3-D Printed Objects that Connect to WiFi without Electronics - University of Washington
One billion Customers to have 5G Access by 2023 - Ericsson
Broadcom Not Giving Up on the Qualcomm Acquisition - Possible Hostile Takeover? - Broadcom
Würth Elektronik eiSos Group Acquires IQD Frequency Products - IQD Frequency Products
Riot Micro Introduces Industry’s Lowest Power NB-IoT and eMTC Baseband Chip - Riot Micro
4x4 MIMO to Boost 4G Performance and Helps Operators Prepare for 5G - Strategy Analytics
Nokia to Join the mmWave Coalition to Advocate Use of Radio Frequencies Above 95 GHz - Nokia
NI Offers MAC Layer Support for LabVIEW 802.11 Application Frameworks to Advance WiFi and 5G Research - National Instruments
Infineon 77 GHz Radar Sensor Chips Support Automated Driving in the Audi A8 - Infineon Technologies
Fujitsu Develops World's Smallest Sensor Device Supporting LPWA Communication - Fujitsu
Lockheed Martin Partners Indra to Provide Advanced AESA Radar for Anti-Air Warfare - Lockheed Martin
Massive MIMO Expert Thomas Marzetta from NYU Tandon Receives Prestigious IEEE Industrial Innovation Award - NYU WIRELESS
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New White Papers
LTE Progress Leading to the 5G Massive Internet of Things - 5G Americas
An Introduction to Programmable Attenuator Systems - JFW Industries
Addressing Efficiency and Linearity With a Single-Ended Class AB Power Amplifier With Optimized Third-Harmonic Termination - National Instruments
3D Printing Wireless Connected Objects - University of Washington
mmWave Channel Modeling with Diffuse Scattering in an Office Environment - Remcom
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Upcoming Event
Event Image
RWW 2018

Date: 14 to 17 January, 2018

Location: Anaheim, California, United States

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Featured Content
What is MulteFire Technology?
Multefire is a technology that allows simple deployment of LTE in the unlicensed or shared spectrum. It can be easily deployed by operators, cable companies, ISPs, building owners and enterprises just like Wi-Fi. Click here to learn more.
Featured Products this Week
RF Transistor
50 W GaN on Silicon Transistor for RF Energy Applications

RF Transistor from MACOM

The MAGe-102425-050 from MACOM is a GaN on Silicon Transistor that operates from 2400 to 2500 MHz. It provides an output power of 50 W and a gain of 17 dB with an efficiency of 70%. The transistor is available in a surface mount TO-272S-2 package and is ideal for RF Energy Applications.
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RF Module
Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy & NFC Module

RF Module from Panasonic Corporation

The PAN1761 from Panasonic is an RF module that supports both BLE 4.1 and NFC (NFC Forum Type 3 compliant tag), based on leading edge Toshiba SOC. It has an integrated 2.4 GHz antenna and requires an external NFC antenna. The module has an unique configuration that allows NFC to wake up BLE from standby mode, which considerably reduces power consumption in standby mode, as NFC consumes very little power.
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RF Amplifier
20,000 Watt Pulsed, TWT Microwave Amplifier System

RF Amplifier from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

The 20000TP8G12 is a 20,000 Watt travelling wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier system designed for pulse applications from 8 to 12 GHz. It provides a gain of more than 73 dB with a pulsed output power of over 20,000 Watts with a pulse width of 0.1–40 microseconds. The amplifier's front panel digital display shows forward and reflected average power output or forward and reflected peak power, plus extensive system status information accessed through a series of menus via soft keys.
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Fixed Attenuator
2 Watt, Fixed TNC Attenuators from DC to 4 GHz

Fixed Attenuator from MECA

This series of TNC male/female fixed attenuators from MECA operate from DC to 4 GHz. They are available in attenuation configurations of 3, 6, 10, 20 & 30 dB (In Stock) and in steps of 1 dB for custom orders. The attenuators can handle up to 2 watts of avg. power and up to 2 KW of peak power. The attenuators have good attenuation accuracy and a VSWR of less than 1.45:1.
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200 W Flanged Low PIM Termination from DC to 4 GHz

Termination from API Technologies - Inmet

The PPT975-200LP from API Inmet is a low PIM, flanged termination that operates from DC to 4 GHz. It can handle up to 200 W of power, has a resistive tolerance of 5% and a VSWR of under 1.25:1. This termination has been designed to dissipate power in RF circuits when mounted to an appropriate heat sink. It has a PIM level of -120 dBc with two 43 dBm tones. This thin film termination has been developed on an aluminium nitride substrate, with an Alumina Ceramic cover and Nickel plated copper flanges.
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Power Sensor
USB/LAN Average Power Sensors from 50 MHz to 8 GHz

Power Sensor from Boonton

The CPS200 from Boonton is a true average power sensor that can measure power for modulated and CW RF signals from 50 MHZ to 8 GHz. It has a 60 dB dynamic range and carry out 100 measurements per second. The sensor can be controlled via a Windows or Linux computer using USB, LAN or PoE. Each sensor includes all the necessary drivers for programming through SCPI, IVI and LabVIEW.
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Antenna Analyzer
Ultra Portable USB Controlled Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Antenna Analyzer from Anritsu

The S331P from Anritsu are ultra portable Cable and Antenna Analyzers that operates from 150 kHz up to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz. Addressing the market need for broad frequency coverage and high performance in an extremely compact and economical design, it provides wireless operators, contractors, DAS installers, public safety network installers and maintenance professionals with the first pocket-sized headless cable and antenna analyzer that can measure the new LTE-U frequencies.
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RF Transceiver
Highly Integrated Silicon Quad Core IC for 5G Phase Arrays

RF Transceiver from Anokiwave

The AWMF-0108 from Anokiwave is a highly integrated silicon quad core IC for 5G phase array applications. It operates from 27.5 GHz to 30 GHz and supports four Tx/Rx radiating elements, includes all requisite beam steering controls for 5 bit phase and gain control, and operates in half duplex fashion to enable a single antenna to support both Tx and Rx operation.
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Low Pass Filter
Band Pass Filter Series with Multiple Configurations available from 300 to 2483 MHz

Low Pass Filter from NuWaves Engineering

The NuFilter 05LPLE-2500 is a low-cost Miniature Harmonic low-pass RF Filter designed to reduce harmonics at the output of transmitters operating at up through S-Band. This high-performance module can handle up to 50 Watts of input power, with a 0.5 dB of insertion loss in the passband frequency range from DC to 2500 MHz. It provides excellent harmonic filtering, with rejection levels of greater than 25 dB from 3.25 GHz to 5 GHz.
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180 Degree Hybrid Coupler
180 Degree Hybrid Couplers from 0.1 to 18 GHz

180 Degree Hybrid Coupler from VidaRF

VidaRF's range of 180 degree Hybrid Couplers operate up to 18 GHz. They are available in multiple frequency configurations. These couplers can handle up to 50 watts of power, have an insertion loss of less than 2.5 dB and isolation over 20 dB. These hybrid couplers are available in a module with connectors (connector types can be selected by the customer).
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RF Amplifier
Solid State 10 Watt Power Amplifier from 18 to 26.5 GHz

RF Amplifier from Exodus Advanced Communications

The AMP3029 from Exodus Advanced Communications is a solid state high power amplifier that operates from 18 to 26.5 GHz. This class AB linear GaAs hybrid design has an instantaneous wide bandwidth suitable for all modulations standards. It provides an output power of up to 10 watts CW with a gain of 40 dB (4 dB p-p flatness). The amplifier requires a supply of 9 V and draws 20 Amps of current. It is available in a high reliability, rugged module with 2.92 mm connectors.
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RF Mixer
Q-Band Quadrature Mixer or Phase Detector from 33 to 50 GHz

RF Mixer from SAGE Millimeter

The SFQ-33350313-2F2FSF-F2 from SAGE Millimeter is a Q-band quadrature mixer that operates from 33 to 50 GHz (IF frequency from DC to 5 GHz). The mixer has a conversion loss of 13 dB and a LO power of up to 17 dBm. It has a LO to RF port isolation of 25 dB and can be used as a phase detector as the IF port of the mixer is DC coupled. The mixer can be readily configured into an image rejection mixer or single sideband modulator by adding an IF quadrature coupler.
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Signal Generator
44 GHz Scalable PXI Microwave Signal Generator for 5G Applications

Signal Generator from Keysight Technologies

The M9383A PXIe Microwave Signal Generator from Keysight operates from 1 MHz to 44 GHz. This PXIe signal generator meets critical 1 percent EVM and 1 GHz bandwidth requirements for complex waveforms up to 44 GHz making it ideal for 5G, Aerospace and Defense Wideband Applications. The 1 percent EVM, a critical measure of 5G modulated signal performance, for 800 MHz wide pre-5G waveforms.
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Vector Network Analyzer
4-Port USB Vector Network Analyzer, 100 kHz to 9 GHz

Vector Network Analyzer from Copper Mountain Technologies

The C1409 from Copper Mountain Technologies is a 4-port modular vector network analyzer that operates from 100 kHz to 9 GHz. The VNA can measure all S parameters and can be controlled using any Windows PC or laptop. It has a dynamic range of up to 138 dB (10Hz IF BW), directivity of 46 dB and sweep speeds of 10 microseconds per point. The analyzer is available in a rack mount unit that measures 440 x 96 mm with N-type female connectors and a three-year warranty.
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40 GHz Stable Ceramic-filled PTFE Composite/Laminate for Commercial Applications

Laminate from Rogers Corporation

The RO3003 from Rogers Corp. is a ceramic-filled PTFE composite/laminate for use in commercial microwave and RF applications. It features excellent stability with a dielectric constant of 3 up to 40 GHz at room temperature. The material has a dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0013 at 10 GHz and is ideal for band pass filters, microstrip patch antennas, and voltage controlled oscillators.
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RF Mixer
Wideband I/Q MMIC Mixer from 6 to 26.5 GHz

RF Mixer from Analog Devices

The HMC8191 from Analog Devices is a passive I/Q MMIC mixer with an RF/LO frequency from 6 to 26.5 GHz and an IF frequency from DC to 5 GHz. It can either be used as an image reject mixer for receiver operations or as a single sideband upconverter for transmitter operations. It is available in a compact 4 mm x 4 mm, 24-lead LFCSP package and is ideal for military, aerospace, defense, point-to-point base stations, test and measurement instrumentation applications.
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Featured Event
IEEE WAMICON Call for Papers for mm-Waves and Internet of Things (IoT) for Commercial and Defense
The 19th IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON 2018) will be held in Clearwater, Florida on April 9, 2018. The conference will address aspects of wireless and RF technology. We welcome submissions on mm-wave and IoT related technologies including antennas, passive and active circuits, communication theory, and system concepts. Click here to learn more.
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