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20 Feb, 2017 - everything RF Newsletter
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Date: 20 Feb, 2017
Upcoming Event - International Microwave Symposium 2017
Top RF News this Week
Cree Terminates Sale of Wolfspeed to Infineon - Cree
New Authentication Method to Make Sending False Galileo Signals More Difficult - KU Leuven
World's First Plastic NFC Tag that Communicates with Smartphones - Imec
Qualcomm Introduces First End-to-End 802.11ax Wi-Fi Products - Qualcomm
Could the iPhone 8 have Wirless Charging? Apple Finally Joins Wireless Power Consortium - Apple
Nokia to Launch 4.9G Technology and AirScale Active Antennas at MWC17 - Nokia
Bristol Team to Develop Gallium Nitride on Diamond Microwave Technology - University of Bristol
The Fastest Point-to-Point Wireless Solution to be Showcased at MWC 2017 - InfiNet Wireless
All Digital Phase-Locked Loop for Ultra Low Power Internet of Things Radios - Imec
Panasonic Launches a New IC for Batteryless RF Communication - Panasonic
World’s First WLAN Test Set to Support IEEE802.11ac Standard - Anritsu
New Real Time Handheld Analyzer Measures Complex High Frequency Spectrum - Narda Safety Test Solutions
Over-The-Air Antenna Measurement System to Build Better BLE Devices - LitePoint
Inmarsat Delivers World’s First Global LoRaWAN IoT Network - Inmarsat
New Agreement Grants R&S Preferential RF Access and Support for Samsung Devices - R&S
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New White Papers
Five Tips for Successful 3D Electromagnetic Simulation - NI AWR
Reliable Small Cell Planning using LTE Test Transmitter - R&S
Gallium Nitride - A Critical Technology for 5G - Qorvo
What Makes a Good Vector Network Analyzer? - Copper Mountain Technologies
Achieving greater performance at nearly half the cost with Interleaved MIMO - CommScope
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Upcoming Event
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Mobile World Congress 2017

Date: 27 Feb to 2 March, 2017

Location: Barcelona, Spain

More Upcoming events
Upcoming Event - International Microwave Symposium 2017
IMS 2017
IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2017
The 2017 International Microwave Symposium (IMS2017) will be held 4 to 9 June 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event will offer offers technical sessions, interactive forums, plenary and panel sessions, workshops, short courses, industrial exhibits, application seminars, historical exhibits, and a wide variety of other technical and social activities including a guest program. Click here to know more.
Featured Products this Week
SATCOM Amplifier System
2500 KW, Ku-Band Klystron High Power Amplifier for SATCOM

SATCOM Amplifier System from Communications & Power Industries

The K3U from Communications & Power Industries is a compact klystron high power amplifier that operates from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz in the Ku-band. This SATCOM amplifier delivers a gain of more than 80 dB with an klystron output power of up to 2.45 kW and has a VSWR of 2.0:1. It is ideal for Direct-to-Home service providers for uplink service, and is also very popular for other broadcasting applications.
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Blindmate (snap-in) Broadband Balun from 5 MHz to 20 GHz

Balun from HYPERLABS Inc.

The HL9452 from Hyperlabs is a blindmate (snap-in) broadband balun that operates from 5 MHz to 20 GHz. It transforms a 50 ohm input in to a 100 ohm Differential output and thus can be used either as a signal splitter or combiner. The balun has an optimal amplitude match of ±0.25 dB and a phase match of ±4 degrees up to 20 GHz. It is available in a drop-in surface mount package that measures 38.1 x 11.43 x 4.6 mm and ideal for aerospace, R&D, speed communication systems and frequency response testing applications.
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RF & Microwave Circulator
50 Watt RF Circulator from 0.8 to 2 GHz

RF & Microwave Circulator from MECA

The CN-1.400 from MECA is an RF circulator that operates from 0.8 to 2 GHz. It provides an isolation of more than 13 dB with an insertion loss of under 1.1 dB. The circulator can handle a power of up to 50 watts and has a VSWR of 1.55:1. It is availabe in a module with N-type female connectors with the option for an IP-67 complaint casing also available.
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5700 to 6500 MHz (Lower) and 13.75 to 14.5 GHz (Upper) Diplexer

Diplexer from Planar Monolithics Industries

The DP-5700M-6500M-CD-SFF from PMI is a Diplexer with its lower pass band from 5700 to 6500 MHz and its upper pass band from 13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz. It has an insertion loss of less than 2 dB with channel-to-channel isolation of more than 70 dB. This diplexer can handle up to 20 W of power and has a VSWR of 2.0:1. It has a pained blue finish and is available with SMA Female connectors.
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RF Cable Assembly
Ultra Flexible and Rugged Test Cable from DC to 32 GHz

RF Cable Assembly from MegaPhase

The Killer Bee from MegaPhase is an ultra flexible and rugged test cable that can be used from DC to 32 GHz. This light-weight test cable provides a long service life with superior phase and amplitude stability performance through the life of the cable. It is ideal for lab, production and thermal testing applications over a temperature range from -50 to 150 Celsius.
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Low Noise Block
Ku-Band Low Noise Block with External Reference

Low Noise Block from Orbital Research

The 5400X Series External Reference LNB from Orbital are Low Noise Blocks that operates in the Ku-band from 10.95 GHz to 12.75 GHz with an output frequency of 950 MHz to 1700 MHz. These LNB's have an external reference. The LNBs have a conversion gain of 60 dB, output P1dB of over 10 dBm and require a supply of 12 to 24 V. They have a WR75 input interface at the input and F-type 75 ohm or N-type 50 ohm interface at the output (SMA output connectors also available).
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Waveguide to Coax Adapter
Rectangular Waveguide To Coax End Launch Adapters

Waveguide to Coax Adapter from Space Machine & Engineering Corp.

The WCA Series waveguide to coax end launch adapters from Space Machine & Engineering are available in waveguide sizes from WR28 to WR430 with a number of connector options. Depending on the selected waveguide size and connector, these End-Launch adapters can operate from 1.70 GHz to 40 GHz. The adapters have a VSWR of under 1.35:1. Improved VSWR performance can be obtained over a reduced bandwidth.
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RF Spectrum Analyzer
Real Time Signal Analyzers from 1 Hz to 26.5 GHz

RF Spectrum Analyzer from Tektronix, Inc.

The RSA5000 Series from Tektronix are Real Time Bench-top Signal Analyzers that operate from 1 Hz to 26.5 GHz. They have a real time bandwidth up to 165 MHz with a spurious free dynamic range of 80 dB. The analyzers can make up to 3,125,000 measurements/second, thereby reducing time-to-fault and enabling the intercept for signals of 0.434 µs with 100% probability.
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Signal Generator
USB-compatible, Synthesized Signal Generator

Signal Generator from Vaunix

The Lab Brick LMS-152D is a USB-compatible, synthesized signal generator that covers a frequency range from 250 to 1500 MHz with 10 dBm output power, low noise, fast 100-microsecond switching time, and fine 100 Hz frequency resolution. They require no additional DC supply voltage and offer advanced features such as phase-continuous linear-frequency sweeping, internal/external 10 MHz reference, and optional pulse modulation. GUI software can track and control several connected signal generators, simplifying multiple-signal test setups.
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Phase Locked Loop
23.5 MHz to 6000 MHz Fractional/Integer-N Synthesizer/VCO

Phase Locked Loop from Maxim Integrated

The MAX2870 from Maxim Integrated is a phase-locked loop (PLL) with integrated voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) that operates in both integer-N and fractional-N modes. It is capable of synthesizing frequencies from 23.5 MHz to 6.0 GHz while maintaining superior phase noise and spurious performance, when combined with an external reference oscillator and loop filter.
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Sub-1 GHz Long Range, Low Power RF Transceiver

Transceiver from Semtech

The SX1272 transceiver from Semtech feature the LoRa® long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity while minimising current consumption. The Lora modulation technique can achieve a sensitivity of over -137 dBm using a low cost crystal and bill of materials.
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RF Transistor
2450 MHz LDMOS Transistors for RF Cooking Applications

RF Transistor from NXP Semiconductors

The 2450 MHz RF LDMOS transistors from NXP are designed for consumer and commercial cooking applications. They deliver an output power of up to 300 watts and require a supply voltage of up to 32 V. The transistors provide an efficiency of up to 63.5 % with a gain of 27.7 dB. They are available as a die in over-molded plastic packages.
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RF Switch
Coaxial PIN Switches from 18 to 40 GHz

RF Switch from QuinStar Technology Inc

The QSC Series from QuinStar Technology are coaxial PIN switches that operates from 18 to 40 GHz over the full K and Ka frequency bands. Standard models are available in SPST and SPDT configurations with other configurations up to SP8T available on request. The switches provide an isolation of up to 50 dB with an insertion loss of less than 2.5 dB and a switching speed of 5 ns.
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Digital Receiver from 9 kHz and 18 GHz

Receiver from IZT

The IZT R5000 from IZT GmbH is a digital receiver that operates from from 9 kHz and 18 GHz. It supports up to 100 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The received signals are available in up to four configurable wideband I/Q Data channels with user configurable sample rates and independent center frequencies. The wideband channels can provide between 5 MHz and 100 MHz of I/Q data.
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Upcoming Event - International Microwave Symposium 2017
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