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New RF & Microwave Products this Week

20 Mar, 2019 - everything RF Newsletter

RF & Microwave industry updates.

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Date: 20 Mar, 2019
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New RF & Microwave Products this Week
Bi-Directional Coupler
Bi-Directional Coupler IC for RF Front End Applications from 0.6 to 2.7 GHz

Bi-Directional Coupler from Infineon Technologies

The BGC100GN6 is a bi-directional coupler IC based on Infineon's high volume RF-CMOS technology. It is designed for 2G/3G/4G RF front end applications and supports all cellular standards like GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+, LTE from 0.6 to 2.7 GHz. The coupler has a low insertion loss and high directivity. It also has an integrated low-pass filter for 5 GHz WiFi jammer suppression.
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Fixed Attenuator
DC to 8 GHz Surface Mount Attenuators

Fixed Attenuator from Res-Net Microwave

The RNCAXXVW3 from Res-Net Microwave are surface mount attenuators that operate from DC to 8 GHz. They can handle an input power of up to 1 watt and are available in attenuation configurations from 1 to 20 dB. The attenuators have a VSWR less than 1.35:1 and are matched to 50 ohms. They can be used in power monitoring and matching applications in various commercial and military frequency bands.
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RF Variable Attenuator
30 dB Continuously Variable Attenuator from 3.6 to 4.3 GHz

RF Variable Attenuator from ARRA Inc.

The 4-5814-30 from ARRA is a miniature continuously variable attenuator that operates from 3.6 to 4.3 GHz. The attenuator has an attenuation range of up to 30 dB. It can handle up to 5 watts of average power and up to 3 KW of peak power. This attenuator has an insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB and a VSWR of 1.5:1. It is available in a module with SMA female connectors.
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RF Variable Attenuator
Voltage Controlled PIN Attenuator from 0.7 to 18 GHz

RF Variable Attenuator from UMCC

The AG-T000-30V from UMCC is a voltage controlled PIN attenuator that operates from 0.7 to 18 GHz. It has an attenuation range of 30 dB with an insertion loss of under 3.6 dB and VSWR of 1.90:1. The attenuator has a control voltage from 0 to 3 V (10 dB/Volt). It can handle up to 30 dBm of CW/Average power and has a settling time of 1 us. The AG-T000-30V is available in a module with removable SMA female connectors.
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Switch Matrix
Multiple RF Switch Assembly from DC to 18 GHz

Switch Matrix from JFW Industries

The 50SA-276 from JFW Industries is a RF Switch Assembly that operates from DC to 18 GHz. It consists of 3 individually controlled SP8T reflective electro-mechanical RF switches, in a benchtop enclosure. The switch ports are SMA female and are matched to 50 ohms. This switch assembly has a switching speed of 15 milliseconds and an insertion loss of under 0.8 dB with an isolation over 55 dB.
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Signal Generator
300 kHz to 40 GHz Multi-Channel RF Signal Generators

Signal Generator from Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

The Model 855B is a series of 2-Channel, 4-Channel, and 8-Channel RF Signal Generators that operate up to 40 GHz. These phase coherent multiple-output signal generators have a power range of -80 dBm to 25 dBm on each output. They have a phase noise of – 150 dBc/Hz at a 100 kHz offset from a 1 GHz carrier (-100 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz offset) and an ultra-fast switching speeds down to 25uS.
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RF Transistor
700 W High Power RF LDMOS FET from 1.2 to 1.4 GHz

RF Transistor from Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

The PTVA127002EV-V1 from Wolfspeed is a RF LDMOS FET that operates from 1.2 to 1.4 GHz. It provides a peak output power of 700 W and a gain of 16 dB with a drain efficiency of 56%. The device is available in a thermally-enhanced package with bolt-down flange and is ideal for use in power amplifier applications.
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RF Amplifier
C-Band Power Amplifier from 4400 to 4950 MHz

RF Amplifier from NuWaves Engineering

The NuPower C10Q01 from NuWave Engineering is a solid state power amplifier that operates from 4400 to 4950 MHz. This GaN amplifier delivers an output power of over 10 watts with a PAE of 30% and gain of 30 dB. It is available in a compact module that measures 2.96 x 8.09 x 1.00 inches with SMA female connectors. The amplifier is ideal for broadband RF telemetry, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, software defined radios and tactical communication systems.
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RF Amplifier
500 W Solid State Power Amplifier from 10 kHz to 250 MHz

RF Amplifier from Exodus Advanced Communications

The AMP2080D is a solid state power amplifier from Exodus that operates from 10 kHz to 250 MHz. It provides an output power of more than 500 watts with a gain of over 57 dB. The class AB linear LDMOS amplifier has a wide instantaneous bandwidth and is suitable for all single channel modulation standards. It is available in a 8U rack mount chassis with a N-type female connectors and has built-in protection circuits.
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RF Amplifier
Wideband GaN Amplifier from 2 to 6 GHz

RF Amplifier from Microwave Amps

The AM5/2-6-47-47R from Microwave Amps is a GaN amplifier that operates from 2 to 6 GHz. It provides a saturated output power of 47.5 dBm with a gain of over 48 dB while operating from a 230V 50Hz AC supply. This amplifier is available in 19 inches, 2U rackmount chassis and is ideal for general purpose test & measurement applications. The amplifier has inbuilt protection for reverse power and over temperature.
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RF Amplifier
450 W Ka-Band Microwave Power Module

RF Amplifier from Polarity

The POL450KaP from Polarity is a microwave power module (MPM) that operates from 32 to 36 GHz and provides 450 watts of pulsed/CW output power. The conduction-cooled MPM requires a 100 VDC supply and is designed to operate in extreme military environments. It is available in a module that measures 14 x 9.5 x 3.25 inches with a WR-28 waveguide output interface and is ideal for Ka-band radar systems and airborne applications.
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Low Noise Block
C-Band LNB to Address 5G Interference Issues

Low Noise Block from Norsat

The 3200-BPF from Norsat International is a C-band phase-locked loop (PLL) LNB that accepts input frequencies from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz and down-converts them to 950 to 1450 MHz (LO Frequency of 5.15 GHz). This product is ideally suited for existing installations or new installations needing to mitigate interference with the onset of 5G. It can mitigate 5G signals up to -25 dBm with no performance degradation.
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RF Shielded Test Enclosure
RF Shielded Test Enclosure from 20 MHz to 6 GHz

RF Shielded Test Enclosure from RF Electronics

The HDRF-3170 from RF Electronics is a RF Shielded Test Enclosure that operates from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. It has a thick RF absorbing foam that attenuates standing waves and reflections, providing an isolation of more than 120 dB @ 3 GHz. The enclosure has shielded power filters which can be used to power devices placed inside the enclosure while blocking all wireless signals.
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Wireless Charging Receiver
5 W Wireless Power Receiver for Both WPC and PMA Protocols

Wireless Charging Receiver from Integrated Device Technology

The P9225-R from IDT is a high-efficiency 5 W magnetic induction wireless power receiver that supports both WPC and PMA protocols. It can handle a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V, while consuming very low power in standby mode and operates at 82% efficiency. The receiver includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor and has a patented over-voltage protection function.
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RF Module
Ultra-Compact Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Modules

RF Module from u-blox AG

The NINA-W13 series from u-blox are stand-alone Wi-Fi modules for 802.11b/g/n applications in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. These modules are available with u-blox connectivity software pre-flashed at delivery. The modules have many security features embedded in them, including secure boot, which ensures that only authenticated software can run on the module.
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RF Transceiver
137 to 525 MHz Long Range Low Power Transceiver

RF Transceiver from Semtech

The SX1278 from Semtech is a Low Power Long Range RF Transceiver that operates from 137 to 525 MHz. The device has an Rx sensitivity of over -148 dBm and can transmit up to +20 dBm of power. It integrates a LoRa® long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption.
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RF Switch
500 W Symmetrical SPDT RF Switch from 5 to 50 MHz

RF Switch from Aethercomm

The SSHPS 0.005-0.050-500 from Aethercomm is a high power symmetrical SPDT RF switch that operates from 5 to 50 MHz. This switch has been designed to be integrated in communication and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems where high power, low loss and excellent isolation are required. It can handle up to 500 watts of CW power and has a switching speed of 6 uSec.
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RF Amplifier
USB Controlled Wideband Amplifier from 5 to 20 GHz

RF Amplifier from DS Instruments

The GB200KU from DS Instruments is a wideband amplifier that operates from 5 to 20 GHz. This is a USB controlled/powered amplifier whose power level and gain can be controlled via a computer making it more flexible than traditional lab-powered devices. It provides a gain of 20 dB with a noise figure of 7.5 dB and an output power (P1dB) of 21 dBm. The amplifier is available in a module and is ideal for automated testing environments, satellite signal amplification, wireless infrastructure and antenna research applications.
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Dielectric Resonant Oscillator from 5 to 7.9 GHz

DRO from Raditek

The RDRO-A-5.0-7.9-14d-6-18v-E-a1 from Raditek is a Dielectric Resonant Oscillator (DRO) that operates from 5 to 7.9 GHz. It has a low phase noise of -95 dBc at 10 kHz offset and a frequency stability of up to 5 ppm/C over -30 to 70 degree Celcius. The DRO provides an output power of 14 dBm while operating over a 6 - 18 volt supply.
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Horn Antenna
Horn Antenna from 4 to 8 GHz with 15 dBi Gain

Horn Antenna from AH Systems Inc

The SAS-590-12 from AH Systems is an octave band horn antenna that has been designed to operate from 4 to 8 GHz. The antenna provides 15 dBi of gain and can handle up to 150 watts of CW Power (3 kW of peak power). It has an N-Type connector at the port which is matched to 50 ohms and has a VSWR of 1.5:1.
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