RF Transistors

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Over 1350 RF Transistors are listed here from 14 manufacturers. We have categorized the transistors by Industry and Technology.

RF Transistors

An RF Transistor is a semiconductor device which is used to amplify and switch electronic signals. everything RF has listed RF transistors from the leading manufacturers like MACOM, Ampleon, Qorvo, Freescale, Microsemi and many others. The transistors can be sorted by Type - LDMOS Transistors, GaN Transistors, MOSFET Transistors etc. The parametric search tools on the left side to find a transistor based on frequency, power, voltage requirement and package type. The search tool scans multiple manufacturer catalogs to find products that meet your requirement. Once you narrow down the products to match your requirement - Download the datasheet, see complete product specifications, compare products across manufacturers and request a quotation. Your inquiry will be directed to the manufacturer/distributor of the product, who will get back to you on the email address you provide.

When searching for RF Transistors the parameters that are most important are:

Type: The type of transistor - GaN (Gallium Nitride), LDMOS, MOSFET and a number of other types.

Frequency: Based on your application, you can select a frequency range in which you need to use this transistor.

Power (dBm or Watts): The power level at which you would like to use this transistor. The power levels might be Pulsed Power or CW power – based on your application you need to select a power level that you need.

Gain (dB): There are two types of gain, small signal gain and power gain.

Voltage: The voltage at which the transistor operates.

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