RF Circulators

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What is an RF Circulator?

RF CirculatorAn RF Circulator is a 3 Port ferromagnetic device used to regulate the signal flow within a circuit. It transmits an input signal in one direction – A signal that enters port 1 is transmitted to port 2 and isolated from port 3, a signal incident at port 2 is transmitted to port 3 and isolated from port 1, a signal incident at port 3 is transmitted to port 1 and isolated from port 2. Circulators are typically designed to have minimal loss when transmitting an input signal from one port to the next.

Selecting RF Circulators

When selecting an RF circulator it is important to know the parameters that you need to specify. Below are a list of the key parameters to look out for when selecting a circulator:

Frequency (MHz): This is the frequency range over which the device can operate while providing minimal insertion loss and a constant level of isolation.

Insertion Loss (dB): The signal loss of the incident signal from one port to the next. It is the difference in the incident power at one port to the power received at the next port.

Isolation (dB): This is a measure of signal levels at the adjacent ports of the circulator i.e when a signal is incident at port one and transmitted to port 2, the isolation is measured between port 1 and port 3. The higher this value the better the performance of the circulator. It is measured in decibel (dB).

Power (W): This is the level of power that the device can handle while maintaining its electrical characteristics.

Package Type: These are ferromagnetic devices and are packaged in various form factors – Drop-In, Surface mount, modules with connectors etc.

everything RF lists circulators from all the leading manufacturers in the industry. You can use parametric filters to specify the required frequency, isolation, and power levels – the search tool will look through multiple manufacturer catalogs to find RF circulator products that meet your requirement. You can then compare products, download datasheets, request quotations. Quotation requests are directed to the manufacturer who will get back to you directly.