RF Isolators

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RF Isolators

IsolatorAn RF Isolator is a two port device that protects RF components in a system from excessive signal reflection. It is a non-reciprocal device that ensures that all the power is transmitted from port 1 to port 2, while isolating absorbing/isolating any power incident at port 2. An isolator is often placed at the in front of sensitive component sin the Rx/Tx chain to avoid unwanted signals from damaging sensitive components.

Selecting RF Isolators

When selecting a RF Isolator it is important to know the parameters that you need to specify. Below are a list of the key parameters to look out for when selecting an isolator:

Isolation (dB): The level of Isolation from the output port to the input port. The higher the isolation the better the components are protected.

Insertion Loss (dB): The signal loss from port 1 to port 2.

Power (W): This is the power level that the isolator can handle while maintaining its electrical characteristics. The forward power is the level of power that the isolator can handle incident at port 1. The reverse power is the level of power incident at port 2 that the isolator can absorb.

Configuration: RF Isolators are available in a number of configurations – Drop-In Packages, connectorized modules and surface mount packages.

everything RF lists RF Isolators from all the leading manufacturers in the industry. You can use parametric filters to specify the required frequency, isolation and power levels – the search tool will look through multiple manufacturer catalogs to find RF Isolator products that meet your requirement. You can then compare products, download datasheets, request quotations. Quotation request are directed to the manufacturer who will get back to you directly.