Waveguide Components

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Select a waveguide category from the list below to find and compare waveguide components from the leading manufacturers - ATM, Space Machine, Narda, WENTEQ, Penn, Ducommun etc. everything RF has complete catalogs of waveguide components listed from the leading manufacturers.

What are Waveguide Components?

Waveguide components are RF passive components used to transmit, amplify, control, measure, filter, couple, combine or divide Radio Frequency (RF) signals at high frequencies. A waveguide is a hollow metal tube structure used to transmit high-frequency electromagnetic signals (usually in the microwave frequency range) from one place to another. For example, in radars, a waveguide transfers radio-frequency energy to and from the antenna.

Waveguide components consist of flexible waveguides, waveguide amplifiers, waveguide attenuators, waveguide transitions, waveguide bends, waveguide circulators, corner reflectors, feed horns, waveguide filters, and much more. These components are used in commercial, military, communications, space, EMC, test & measurement, radar, radio, airborne, and much more applications. 

everything RF lists Waveguide components from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Each waveguide component category has parametric filters that enable users to narrow down the product list based on a set of requirements. Once you find relevant waveguide components, you can download datasheets, request quotations or compare products across multiple manufacturers. Quotations are directed to the manufacturers/distributors who get back to you directly. everything RF does not get involved in the transaction.

everything RF has listed over 5,000 waveguide products from more than 40 manufacturers.