RF Phase Shifters

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What are Phase Shifters?

RF Phase Shifters are used to change the transmission phase angle of an input signal. Ideally, phase shifters provide an output signal with an equal amplitude to the input signal, any loss here will be accounted to the insertion loss of the component. The input signal is shifted in phase at the output based on the phase shift provided by the selected phase shifter. There are three main types of phase shifters:

Digital Phase Shifter – These phase shifters are digitally controlled. They are programmable or can be controlled via a computer interface. USB phase shifters are a relatively new form factory, which enables the phase shift of the device to be controlled from a computer.

Analog Phase Shifter – The phase shift in analog phase shifters is typically controlled by a voltage level. The phase shift change based on the tuning voltage is specified for the phase shifter.

Mechanical Phase Shifter – The phase shift of the device is controlled manually with a knob. The phase from the input to the output is adjusted by turning a knob.

Selecting RF Phase Shifters

When selecting an RF phase shifter it is important to know the parameters that you need to specify. We have listed the key parameters to look out for when selecting a termination:

Phase Range (Degrees): This is the phase shift range of the device. Based on the way the device is configured, it will only be able to provide a phase shift within this range.

Insertion Loss (dB): The loss of signal from the input of the phase shifter to the output of the device is called insertion loss. Ideal phase shifters have no loss, so the lower the loss the better the performance.

everything RF lists complete RF phase shifter catalogs from the leading manufacturers. We normalize their data and add it to our database enabling engineers to search by specification. Use the parametric search tool to specify the frequency, type of phase shifter, insertion loss, power requirements and other parameters. The search tool scans multiple manufacturer catalogs to give you a list of products that match your requirement. You can then compare products, download datasheets, request quotations. Quotation requests are directed to the manufacturer who will get back to you directly.