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What is an RF Filter?

RF and Microwave Filters are used to filter out unwanted signals from entering a system. With the increase of wireless standards in the existing frequency bands, filters now play an extremely important role and are required to minimize interference. They are designed to operate at specific frequencies and allow/attenuator RF signals at different frequencies. RF Filters have two types of frequency bands - passband and stopband. Signals which lie in the passband can pass through with minimal attenuation while signals which lie in the stopband experience heavy attenuation.

Filter Type: There are a number of different types of RF filters - Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Band Stop Filters, High Pass filters etc. Each type operates in a different way.

Technology: Based on the required application and size of the wireless system there are a number of filter types - Notch Filters, SAW Filters, Cavity Filters, Waveguide Filters etc. Each one has different properties and different form factors.

Passband Frequency (MHz): This is the frequency range where signals can pass through with minimal attenuation.

Stopband Frequency (MHz): This is the frequency range where the signals are attenuated. The higher the attenuation the better. This is also called isolation.

Insertion Loss (dB): It is the loss that occurs while a signal is traveling through the passband frequency range. The lower the insertion loss the better the filter performance.

Stopband Attenuation (dB): It is the attenuation experienced by signals which lie in the stopband of a given filter. The magnitude of attenuation faced by signals can vary according to their frequency.

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