Spectrum Control

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  • +1 (877) 645-4884
  • 8031 Avonia Road, Fairview, PA 01645, United States

Company Overview

Spectrum Control formerly APITech designs and manufactures high-performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. Their products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, C4ISR, harsh environments, satellites, and space. Brands include:

Inmet by Spectrum Control is a solution-minded, performance-driven, and customer-focused global supplier of passive RF and Microwave components for Commercial, Military, Space, and T&M Markets. See the Inmet Profile and Products.

Weinschel by Spectrum Control was one of the first companies to design and manufacture commercially available coaxial attenuators. Their product offering consists of Attenuators, Power Dividers, Terminations DC Blocks, and other passive components. See the Weinschel Profile and Products.

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