API Technologies - Inmet

  • Country: United States
  • Tel: +1 (734) 426-5553
  • Address: API Technologies - Inmet, 300 Dino Drive Ann Arbor , MI 48103, United States

Company Overview

API Technologies / Inmet manufactures and designs wireless and microwave components. Inmet's custom design capabilities have generated a substantial number of innovative microwave and wireless components for use in many markets and programs for more than 30 years.

Inmet also designs and manufactures multi-component hybrid products such as "between series attenuators," combination "DC block/attenuators," and "by-pass attenuators." Today, Aeroflex / Inmet is a leader in reducing the costs of components while maintaining "first class performance." As mentioned above, on demand inventory features hundreds of off-the-shelf catalog items ready for same-day shipment, or overnight delivery.

Latest Products