Spectrum Control Introduces New RF Front-End System-in-Package with Digital Control Capabilities

Spectrum Control Introduces New RF Front-End System-in-Package with Digital Control Capabilities

Spectrum Control, an innovative leader in RF miniaturization and digital integration, has introduced an innovative new RF front end system-in-package (SiP) platform as part of its SCi Blocks™ family. This unique RF+ SiP breaks through size and performance barriers to deliver a complete wideband RF front end in a 30 square-mm BGA package. Extensible, customizable, and digitally enabled, this platform delivers the capabilities of an integrated microwave assembly (IMA) in a surface mount package. It is ideally utilized as a co-processor in Direct RF FPGAs and mixed signal control processors. It can also be used in any application where size, weight, power consumption and cost (SWaP-C) are a factor such as smart antennas.

With its superior wideband performance, compact footprint, and volume-ready design, this new RF+ SiP platform addresses an urgent defense industry need for high performance, cost-effective, miniaturized RF solutions to enable affordable mass in mid-range precision-guided munitions. Current RF technology is both size- and cost-prohibitive.

Featured Release – Wideband Rx System-in-Package

The first product in the SCRS series is a complete RF front end with a filtered range of 6-18 GHz and an unfiltered range of 2-20 GHz with 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth and full signal isolation, with no packaging-induced signal degradation. It delivers a gain of 15 dB with a noise figure of 6-10 dB. This complete solution includes an onboard FPGA for software-controllable signal conditioning, signal-level detection, self-tuning, on-chip power regulation/sensing, temperature sensing, and a standard digital control interface. The RF+SiP will be demonstrated at the Spectrum Control booth #208, at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2024 in Washington, DC.

“Spectrum Control is in a unique position to meet the urgent need for affordable mass and mass affordability in high fidelity RF signal conditioning for defense applications,” said Rich Sorelle, CEO. “We have leveraged our industry-leading RF expertise with a large IRAD investment in miniaturization and digital integration. These SCRS series RF+ SiPs are the culmination of the work of our interdisciplinary team of RF and digital technologists, material scientists and process engineers to create a mass-producible, surface-mount solution that can be easily integrated into guidance, jamming, and other high-volume electronic warfare (EW) systems. It can also play a key role in unified signal conditioning and conversion solution at the edge to enable rapid data-to-effect along with ML and AI.”

The first SCRS series RF+ SiP is sampling now. Several customization options are available including frequency band, power amplification, and block conversion. Spectrum Control is displaying its innovative RF products and other innovations at IMS 2024, booth #208. Stop by its booth to learn more about its solutions.

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