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RF interconnect products that include Connectors, Adapters & Cables from the leading manufacturers are listed on everything RF. You can find products that meet your requirement using our parametric search tool. View product details, download datasheets and get quotations.

RF Interconnect Solutions

Connectors, adapters & cables are RF interconnect products that are used in aerospace, 5G, test & measurement, space, military, radar, and various other applications. 

RF & Microwave Coaxial Cables are used to carry high-frequency signals from one point to another.  These cables are available in various types that including Flexible, Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Hand Formable, Corrugated, Semi-Flexible, and Cryogenic. RF cable assemblies are cables with connectors on either side and are available in various types - flexible, multi-port, conformable, and semi-rigid.

RF connectors are high-frequency connectors that are used to make electrical connections for signal transmission in radio frequency applications. They are available in various types (SMA, BNC, TNC, N-Type, etc.), geometries straight right angle and much more options), termination styles (Clamp, Receptacle, etc.), and mounting styles (cable, crimp, PCB mount, etc.). RF connectors are designed to perform in challenging, rugged environments while maintaining voltage standing wave ratio, low insertion losses, and other mechanical and electrical functions.

RF Adapters are passive coaxial RF components that are used to pass signals from one connector interface to another. Various types of RF adapters include In-series RF adapters, Between-series RF adapters, and Coaxial to waveguide adapters. The In-series RF adapter have the same connector configuration on either side of the adapter (for example, SMA Male to Female, SMA Male to Male, N-Type Male to Female, etc). Between series RF adapters have different connector configurations on either side of the adapter (for example, SMA Male to N-Type Female, BNC Female to N-Type Male, etc.). Coaxial to waveguide adapters have a connector interface on one side and a waveguide interface on the other side, and they are used to connect waveguide components to regular RF systems.

everything RF has listed RF interconnect products from the leading manufacturers and made them searchable by specification. Use the parametric search tools to find products based on your requirements.