Slot Line Calculator

Use Slot Line calculator to find the value of the effective dielectric constant & guide wavelength of any microwave slot line using the operating frequency and relative dielectric constant.

Enter the values of operating frequency and relative dielectric constant then click on calculate to get the effective dielectric constant and guide wavelength for any slotline.


  • Effective Dielectric Constant (έeff)
  • Guide Wavelength
Formula for Slot Line Calculator

εr                      - Relative Dielectric Constant 

εeff                   - Effective Dielectric Constant

λg                     - Slot line Guide Wavelength

λo                     - Wavelength

A slot or gap with a conducting coating on a dielectric substrate makes up a slot line, a form of transmission line comparable to CPW. The fabrication procedure for slot lines is the same as that for microstrip lines. Along the slot line, the electromagnetic wave encounters the substrate and the air, which serve as its transmission medium. Hence effective dielectric constant is equal to average of both medium's dielectric constant and the guide wavelength determines the moment of wave in slot line, both of these can be determined using the above calculator.

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