RF Phase Noise to Phase Jitter Converter Calculator

Use RF Phase Noise to Phase Jitter Converter Calculator to find the value of the RMS phase jitter in radians and seconds using the oscillator frequency and the integrated phase noise

Enter the values of oscillator frequency and integrated phase noise then click on calculate to get the RMS phase jitter in radians and seconds.

  • dBc


  • RMS Phase Jitter in Radians
  • RMS Phase Jitter in Micro Seconds

A                     - Integrated Phase Noise Power (dBc) 

fo                    - Oscillator Frequency

In a wireless system, phase noise is a critical criterion, it is mostly used in conjunction with RF oscillators and RF frequency synthesisers. Phase noise is noise that is situated close to the signal of interest. The RF phase noise is measured in dBc/Hz and is measured always at frequencies different than the signal of interest. For example, an oscillator is intended to run at 10MHz. This phase noise is detected at frequency points of 10Hz, 100Hz, and 1KHz. The lower the phase noise, the better the system; for example, phase noise of -65 dBC/Hz at 1KHz is regarded better than phase noise of -50dBc/Hz at the same frequency.

In the digital realm, phase jitter is the counterpart of RF phase noise. As a result, converting phase noise to jitter is frequently necessary for a variety of reasons and this calculator helps in this conversion.

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