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The following formula is used to determine the power value in dBm from a dBW value:


dBm is an abbreviation for decibel-milliwatts; it is a dimensionless unit used to define/measure signal intensity (power level) in relation to one milliwatt.(For example, a power level of 0dBm indicates 1 milliwatt.).The dBm is a useful metric for measuring signal intensity in radio, microwave, audio, and fiber-optic communications networks. The advantage of expressing signal strength (power) in dBm is that we can express both extremely high and extremely tiny power levels (W) with a lower dimension value. 

dBW is a similar unit of RF signal intensity measurement but unlike dBm it is measured in relation to 1 Watt ( 1 Watt = 0 dBW). Multiple microwave measurements like EIRP (Effective isotropic radiated power) that have larger power magnitude are measured in terms of dBW. So,a conversion is required between dBW to dBm and this calculator can be used for conversion.

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